Help Me Help You Get Back What is Ours 

Get back our jobs, our money, our opportunity, our children's future, our freedom

Perry Kapadia stands with the working poor, struggling small businesses, the honest people who are trying to make a living out of hard work and are unable to make ends meet. I WANT  YOUR VOTE to be in the U.S. Senate and be able to ask these questions and seek answers for how to make things better for our families, and our future generations.  

Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed, equal opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, comfortably adequate compensation, security, and the freedom to pursue our dreams. PERRY KAPADIA for the U.S. SENATE, a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE fights each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these principles. Read on to learn about some of the issues at hand Perry is passionate about and wants to do as your Senator.

Student Behind the Books
Silhouette of Soldiers

Family & Friends

Close to Heart

Perry, who lives with his wife Komal, their daughter Venus, and their son Mars, have called Arizona their home. Living few miles away from his parents, Perry in his household wears many hats: that of a husband, father, son, friend, visionary, handyman, dishwasher, landscaper, yard worker, and last but certainly not the least, other duties as assigned (this is the most called upon!). He wants to lead and facilitate the policies that encourage these family values in our society. Every decision that is made should be carefully seen as to how it impacts the hearts of our family & friends.
More than ever, we now need PERRY KAPADIA for U.S. SENATE, a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for his Unpolitical Decisive Arizona Family-Style Voice at the U.S. Capitol.

High Paying Jobs is our future

Financial Freedom for Hard Working Poor

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. The greatest nation in the world with an extremely high unemployment rate doesn't make any logical sense.Neither does Arizona with the most stable geological environment with low income and high unemployment make any sense.  We are naturally saved from calamities like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And we have an abundance of untapped natural sunlight to generate clean solar electricity to power our state. The technology industry diversifying into tech, healthcare, education, and all phases of life has some of the highest paying jobs and they want to come to Arizona for our geologically stable geographic location, an abundance of sunlight, and great work ethics of the people of Arizona. All they want is a politically forward-thinking can-do attitude to safeguard their investment and growth. I am from the technology industry and am ready to provide insight on policies and persuasion needed to transform Arizona into a financially prosperous state with high paying jobs equipped via industry-leading technology certification.PERRY KAPADIA for U.S. SENATE, a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE is pushing for change and doing everything to see a brighter future. Join the cause of prosperity today and vote for Perry Kapadia.

Health & Safety

Pandemic Covid-19

PERRY KAPADIA for U.S. SENATE, a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE, is truly passionate about the health and safety of our community, as it is one that impacts every Arizonan. I will not settle until our state and nation have a method in place to fight our health issues such as cancer and heart disease which is one of the highest in the nation. If we are guided by the needs of our people and backed by the scientific, evidence-based research of the experts. We shall have the necessary resources, all we need is a willing leadership like me to help us out in chartering policies that empower us for a healthy life.


Quality Education, Educators Pay, Student Debt

Education is the most fundamental reason for state advances.
It is the lifeblood of an individual's future, the future of a family, the future generations, and the nation as a whole. We have the third-highest high school drop out rate, sixth-lowest median ACT score, and the highest student to teacher ratio in the nation. Arizona also has the second-lowest state for teacher pay.
PERRY KAPADIA for the U.S. SENATE, a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE,  has fought for change and will keep fighting for a debt-free education for those who seek to attain it.  There are many ways to make a profit, but education and health are certainly not to be profited from. They are the building blocks of a prosperous society and should be encouraged and facilitated for all.

Veteran Financial & Health Security

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Our Veterans are our heroes of this great state and nation. Our policies should reflect those sentiments in a way that reminds them for the rest of their lives that their nation is there for them as they were there for the nation.  They should always have the confidence of a livable comfortable financial and healthy future. I will work towards eliminating the everyday struggle they have just to access what should be rightfully theirs.  All we need as a nation is to thank them for their service sincerely in a meaningful way that they admire.


Desert Cactus Landscape

Protect our Environment

Enjoy the Outdoors 

Perry enjoys Arizona outdoors and wants more research done to look into protecting it from natural calamities like wildfire, flash floods.  WE need to have a better understanding our the way nature works and get better in weather forecasting to protect our beautiful landscape. We are globally connected and need better leadership in securing the environment globally. The gifts nature has provided us needs to be cherished for our pleasure and for future generations. 

National Security / Foreign Policy

Local, National, Global Leadership

The greatest and most powerful nation should have adequate policies in place to protect itself and its friends around the globe.  Perry knows that we need to invest more in research and development to continue being the most powerful nation in the future. Perry will make sure we have policies in place to ensure that we have the best military, best technology, best research & development, best economic, social, racial, and religious security and freedom today, tomorrow, and always.

Senior Citizen Benefits

Retire Comfortably

For those who have rightfully delivered their life duties should not be wondering in their time to retire if they have to still work to sustain themselves. The benefits to our senior citizens should be expanded including the Medicare and Social Security programs should be adequately protected so they are there in a meaningful way to sustain the financial needs of the seniors on Arizona and the nation. Laws should be in place to make sure that these programs are very well funded and executed for today and the future.

To have a very sound financial policy in place for safeguarding the lifeline of our seniors. Those who worked all their life serving their family, friends, community, and their nation now deserve the peace and comfort of knowing their financial future is forever safe and will adequate for the rest of their life.